We are ASD, serving the hospitality industry from A to Z where happiness works

We are ASD, serving the hospitality industry from A to Z where happiness works


In 2003 the founders of ASD met on Aruba to discuss their dreams and plans. On this island of turquoise seas and sloping watapana and fofoti trees, they wanted to establish a spin-off of PDG, a company on Saint Martin Island that sold hotel and restaurant supplies. 

— By Miguel van der Velden     — Photography: Kenneth Theysen

Aruba was perfect for a hospitality-related business venture – stunning weather, great location, and a tourist hotspot. And so, that same year they established Aruba Supplies & Distribution, known locally as ASD.


Today, ASD has 44 staff and the best hotel and restaurant supplies showroom in the Caribbean. It took hard work and determination to grow the company from a small-scale supplier with a team of 4 to what it is today. In its 15 years in business, ASD has become a leader in eco-friendly products on the island. Offering sustainable, environmentally-conscious products, it aims to educate and influence the hospitality sector on Aruba in order to protect and nurture this lovely island.

To do so, ASD offers products designed to have less of a negative impact on the environment, while its operations reflect the same values. The company features solar panels, paperless service invoicing, and uses electric cars. Also in line with the company’s concern for the environment, ASD is about to become entirely digital, implementing a complete online store and logistics system, eliminating any need for paper. 


Located on Schotlandstraat – and also boasting a complete online catalog – ASD’s product range has also expanded, as the company now features kitchen design, laundry design and installation services. Their professional, motivated staff offers personalized 24/7 technical service; their technicians are periodically trained by manufacturers to troubleshoot equipment and ensure that their clients have the shortest down time possible.

So, as they mark their 15th anniversary this year, the ASD team can look back at all they’ve achieved with pride. Of course, their amazing staff and clients had everything to do with it, and ASD is grateful for all their support and collaboration. From the smallest cafés to the largest hotels, they have been open and receptive to new, more holistic ways of doing business, and have taken the opportunity to turn their business into a venture that benefits everyone on the island, including the environment. After all, the environment is what attracts people to Aruba, so it makes sense that the island’s hospitality industry would have environment protection as a priority. 


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