Red Fish

Red Fish

Yovani J. Rangel   Chef

Yovani J. Rangel

Located right off the highway, Red Fish is the best place to enjoy quality seafood in a local setting. It’s just the sort of casual eatery everyone seeks out but can be hard to find.

They focus on fresh quality food. Brought to you by Herby Merryweather, local fisherman and founder of world-famous Driftwood Restaurant, you’re certain to get the freshest fish and seafood. They also offer chicken satés and a delicious 6-oz. filet mignon, all reasonably priced. Get in the swim to Red Fish, a casual dining experience that is in
a class by itself


Funchi cu Keshi
— 5.00
fried polenta with cheese

Croquet di Pisca — 6.00
fish croquette

Fish Soup — 6.85

Calamari Fritti — 8.00
fried squid with marinara sauce

Webo di Pisca — 8.00
fish eggs

Shrimp Cocktail — 9.70


Fresh Fish
mochi, cut through the bone
— 1/2 lb. 12.28
— 1 lb. 22.57

Fresh Shrimp
cleaned and deveined
— 1/2 lb. 16.57
— 1 lb. 30.85

Mix Fish and Shrimp — 27.70
1/2 lb. fish and 1/2 lb. shrimp

* Served with French fries, rice, funchi and fried plantain.


Balchi di Pisca — 12.00
2 fish cakes

Fresh Shrimp — 16.57
2 skewers, on the grill

Fish Fillet — 19.42
pan-fried or on the grill with Creole or garlic sauce

Calco “Conch” — 21.70
in Creole or garlic sauce

6-oz. Pan-fried Lobster Tail — 24.00

Calco and Shrimp — 25.15
in Creole or garlic sauce

** Served with rice, coleslaw, French fries and fried plantain.


Penne Pasta — 20.28
with fish, shrimp, squid and mussels with your choice of sauce (garlic, marinara or Alfredo sauce)

Paella — 35.00
with lobster, shrimp, squid and mussels


Chicken Sate — 10.85
with French fries, plantain and peanut sauce

Chicken Filet on the Grill — 12.00
with mushroom sauce

8-oz. Angus Filet Mignon — 22.57
with mushroom sauce


Fish Fillet and Shrimp — 30.00

Filet Mignon and Shrimp — 32.00

Lobster and Shrimp — 35.00

Cowboy Steak — 40.00
20-oz. Angus rib-eye, bone-in

*** Served with rice, coleslaw, French fries and plantain.


Red Fish
Quality Seafood

Orange Plaza
Italiestraat 50
(297) 280-6666


Lunch and Dinner:
11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., closed Mondays
Dining: Open-air
Serving: Lunch – Dinner
Attire: Casual
✓ Bar
✓ Parking

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