Quinta del Carmen

Quinta del Carmen

Jordi Klomp    Chef

Jordi Klomp

In a recently restored century-old mansion, Quinta del Carmen is cooking in style.

Gerco and Luc offer a unique dining experience in the courtyard of this beautifully situated and gorgeously designed historical land house. A short drive from all the major hotels, Carmen hits all the right notes. The synergy between the kitchen and the waitstaff is flawless. Join them for dinner and experience an evening that is sure to be a treasured memory for years to come!


Range: 9.00 – 14.00

Duo of Tuna
delightful combination of tuna tartare and tuna tataki (lightly peppered and seared sushi-grade tuna), served with soy sauce
Scallops “Au Gratin”
scallops under a crust of béchamel sauce and Old Amsterdam cheese
Crispy Shrimp
lightly battered shrimp, drizzled with a spicy sauce, served with romaine and pineapple tossed with an orange-soy dressing

Goat Cheese Salad

goat cheese blended with honey, walnuts and apple, warm on a crouton, served over a salad of baby lettuce complemented by a blackberry sauce

Quinoa Salad

quinoa, celery, green apple and dried cranberries served on gourmet lettuce, finished with a lemon sour cream

Cheese Croquettes

Grandma’s Favorite
mixed cheese croquettes, served with a raspberry coulis and a summer salad with grapes and nuts

Escargots and Mushrooms

Grandma’s Favorite
sautéed in a garlic-herb-butter sauce

Range: 27.00 – 45.00

Grouper Caprese
grouper fillet topped with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, served on a bed of pasta in a spinach-ricotta sauce

Caribbean Lobster Tail
served with drawn butter

Quinta’s Seafood Paella
our version of the Spanish classic, fresh seafood medley, cooked and served with dry saffron rice, topped with jumbo shrimp, clams and mussels

Skirt Steak à la Parrilla
grilled skirt steak marinated for hours, served in a spicy barbecue sauce

Pork Roast Tennessee
apple bourbon-glazed pork chop, cooked to perfection

Grouper, Shrimp and Salmon

Grandma’s Favorite
grouper fillet topped with shrimp, smoked salmon, green asparagus and goat cheese, finished with a white wine-herb sauce

Sucadelappen Draadjesvlees

Grandma’s Favorite
a traditional Dutch dish similar to an iron steak, stewed for hours in red wine, herbs and spices, served in its own gravy, fantastic!

Range: 7.00 – 9.00

Nutella Cheesecake
home-made cheesecake made with Nutella, drizzled with chocolate and served with hazelnut ice cream

Stroopwafel Parfait

Grandma’s Favorite
parfait of the famous stroopwafel (Dutch sweet waffle), fabulous!


Quinta del Carmen

Bubali 119
(297) 587-7200



Dinner: 5:00 to 10:00 p.m., 
Monday to Sunday
Dining: Indoors – Outdoors
Serving: Dinner
Attire: Elegantly casual
Bar: Yes
Parking: Yes

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Qué Pasa?

Qué Pasa?

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Red Fish