2 Fools and a Bull

2 Fools and a Bull

Roy Engelen   Executive Chef

Roy Engelen
Executive Chef

2 Fools and a Bull may very well be the simplest dining experience you will ever have: a U-shaped bar where only 17 guests dine together, an exclusive experience in total dining comfort. 

A 5 1/2-course dinner served by Fool #2, the master chef of Aruba. Fool #1, Roger, will guide you through the night and offer two unique wine pairings to your liking. You could also try one of their 70 different wines, as the restaurant has the largest Caribbean selection of wines by the glass.


Price per person: 110.00
— with regular wine pairing (5 glasses) 180.00
— with premium wine pairing (5 glasses) 250.00

The Concept
The 5 ½-course surprise tasting menu is prepared by Fool #2. Tell them about your food restrictions upon arrival, then be prepared for an exciting, exclusive dining experience. There are short breaks between each course.

The Food
Fool #2 creates the most exciting, flavorful and beautifully presented dishes.

The Wine
Fool #1 offers two optional choices of wine pairing by the glass. A regular and a premium wine pairing. Both pairings include five glasses. You can also enjoy wines by the glass with more than 80 wines to choose from.

The Welcome, the In-between, the End
Dinner includes champagne upon arrival, lemon-champagne cocktail mid-meal and coffee or tea with dessert.

The Experience
The 2 new fools have more than 40 years combined experience in fine dining establishments all over the world.

Foolish Rules
No kids, no drunks, no vegans, no phones, no kidding!


Seafood Tartare
avocado and wasabi cream, pickled onions, puffed wild Canadian rice

Inside Out Short Rib
parfait of foie gras, shiitake mushrooms, apple and mint jelly, truffle gravy

Burrata with Slow-cooked Local Rock Lobster
spicy tomato dressing, puffed wild Canadian rice

Bone-in Filet Mignon
served with truffle sauce, sweet mashed potatoes, blackened cauliflower

Home-made Ravioli
filled with oxtail, goose liver sauce and glazed mushrooms

Hand-caught Scallops
lime risotto, vanilla beurre blanc sauce, dried Iberian ham

Duo of Lamb
lamb rack with stew of lamb shoulder, fresh pea and mint risotto, smoked potato foam, jus d’agneau

Chocolate Lava cake
raspberry sorbet, lemon curd, cookie crumble


2 Fools and a Bull
Gourmet Studio

Palm Beach 17
(297) 586-7177


2 Fools and a Bull Seafood Tartare
2 Fools and a Bull Fish Dish

Dinner: 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.,
Monday to Friday
Dining: Indoors
Serving: Dinner
Attire: Elegantly casual
✓ Parking

Two Fools and a Bull

7 West

7 West